Moving Your Office to Minneapolis? Here’s 5 Tips You Should Know

Moving Your Office to Minneapolis? Here’s 5 Tips You Should Know

As your company grows and business expands, the number of staff and equipment also increases. Now, you will have to hunt for a more spacious office space to accommodate everything. Once you find a suitable office space, you’ll be faced with the challenging task of relocation.

Relocating your office to a new space is an exciting move for any organization. But, the moving process is not easy, and without adequate planning, you may face lots of hiccups along the way. To begin with, you need to safely relocate your office equipment and coordinate the entire process with your employees effectively. To top it all, you need also to make sure that your business is running without any interruptions while relocating.

So how do you move your office to a new place in Minneapolis without burning out those coordinating the entire process? Here are some effective pointers that will help ease the transition and make it as smooth as possible. 

Start planning your office relocation well ahead. 

While moving your office, you will have to push back most of the aspects related to your business. Apart from that, you will have to figure out the logistical management needed for relocating to avoid missing out on anything. So it’s advisable to plan at least 12 to 6 months ahead for a smooth transition. You will have to answer all the tough questions that are involved in the process early on.

No one prefers to make the moving process longer due to mismanagement and inadequate planning. While planning, make sure to decide on the moving date and the timeframe required for the moving process. You will also have to allocate a specific budget that will come in handy while hiring professional movers during the relocation process. Also, make sure to schedule appointments with those involved, like the cleaners, landlord, and movers. By taking the time to plan out the entire office relocation process, things will work out smoothly and complete on time without much hassle.

Communicate the transition with your employees.

Informing your employees about the office relocation is a significant aspect you need to consider. Make sure that your staff is notified well in advance about the moving process. Blindsiding them and informing them suddenly can cause a huge amount of chaos on the day of the move, as they may find it difficult and take longer to clear their desks.

Keep your employees up-to-date with the time schedule and moving plans so that they can plan well for it. As the new office location can impact their commutation to and fro from work, they can make the necessary adjustments early on. Also, inform them about the new business premise details and procedures such as:

  • New building rules.
  • Packing arrangement at the new office.
  • New address and revised contact details. 

Furthermore, you can encourage them to create a checklist where all the necessary areas are covered to avoid any slip-ups through the cracks. While changes can cause a feeling of unsettlement among employees, communicating effectively with them can help boost their morale.         

Assigning a relocation manager.

Though you can divide and allocate the work, it will be more effective to designate a move manager who can monitor each step to ensure that the transition is progressing well. It’s advisable to choose someone who has previous experience in handling commercial relocations. 

You can also appoint a freelance move manager as an external assistant to keep your staff and things running smoothly as you relocate. If you happen to be on a limited budget, you can select someone from among your employees to get the job done. However, make sure to pay them extra for the additional assistance offered. 

Hiring a professional moving company.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to your new office space, it’s best to hire a professional office moving company in Minneapolis to get the job done. Since relocating a corporate office involves huge amounts of details and equipment, you need to hire a full-service moving company at least 4 to 5 months ahead of the scheduled date. 

Ensure that they have adequate experience and skills in this area to avoid any hassles down the line. To make the right choice, you can get recommendations from those who have moved their offices earlier. Opt for movers who follow professional standards and have a reputation for getting the job done right.

Do a deep cleaning before you leave. 

Relocation is the perfect time to get rid of all the old stuff in the office. Avoid bringing all the unnecessary items to the new place. Discard all the unwanted office furniture, get rid of the old files, shred the unnecessary papers and sell off the equipment you don’t require anymore. If you’re planning to donate any equipment, make sure to consult with your accounting staff and use it as a tax write-off. 

Lastly, before you leave the old workspace, remember to check on the terms listed on your lease agreement. Some agreements may require you to deep clean your office and bring it to its original form before leaving. In such cases, you will have to hire professional cleaning services to do the job right.

Wrap Up

Relocating your office can involve lots of stress as you need to handle large amounts of details and keep them under control while moving. Though office relocation can be a daunting task, you can reduce the stress through adequate planning and proper coordination. By being better prepared, you can prevent issues from taking place on the go. With the help of the above tips, you can enjoy a smooth transition to your new office in Minneapolis. 

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