How 5-Star Movers Can Help You

We want to be there for you from start to finish. The moving process should be easy, fun, and as stress-free as possible. Explore our full-range of 5-Star moving services to make your moving day a breeze!

A 5-Star Service

We MakeYour Move Easier

If you’re looking for a trustworthy moving and packing service, then look no further than 5-Star Movers. We make moving from point A to point B a breeze.

We have years of experience and hundreds of 5-Star reviews from happy customers all across the Twin City area.

Loading & Unloading

Already have a rented truck or portable storage container? Why not hire an awesome team of professional movers to help make your next local or long-distance move easier? With our hybrid moving option you can match the flexibility of having your own transportation, with the convenience of having professional labor!

Packaging Services

Our team is excited to offer full-service packing solutions. From packing up your home or business to organizing your boxes in the moving truck, portable storage unit, or freight trailer, we are happy to provide you with the ultimate moving experience

Flexible Transportation Options

Don't have your own transportation? No worries. We can provide the truck to help make your move a 5-Star experience.

POD Labor & Moving

We are the most recommended moving company by PODs in the Minneapolis area, and for good reason. With thousands of PODs loaded throughout the years, and hundreds of 5-Star Reviews to back us up, you can rest easy knowing your PODs container will be loaded or unloaded by the best in the business.

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If you can't find what you're looking for, simply reach out to us and we'll see if we can help satisfy your needs.

Beyond The Move

Other Services We Provide

We do our best to provide the customer with any additional services we can. Get in touch with us to see what else we can do!

Moving Supplies Available

If you don't have your own moving supplies, we can provide them for you! Just make sure to let us know during your booking and we will make sure the team arrives with exactly what you need!

Bubble Wrap - $40 per 100 ft
Bubble Wrap is ideal for protecting and cushioning fragile items such as dishes, glassware, artwork, home décor, electronics, collectibles, and much more.
Packing Blankets - $15 per blanket
Packing Blankets are used to cover furniture and appliances to prevent nicks and scratches during a move. Packing Blankets are different than regular blankets found around the house because they are made out of thick, padded, heavy-duty material designed for protection.
Rope - $10 per 50 ft.
Rope is essential for securing items to prevent movement and/or damage while your belongings are in the back of a truck, trailer, or van.
Plastic Wrap - $30 per roll
Plastic Wrap can be used to wrap a dresser or cabinet so the doors and drawers stay in place or fasten furniture pads to items that need to be protected.
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