The Top 5 Best Neighborhoods to live in St Paul

The Top 5 Best Neighborhoods to live in St Paul

Are you making a career move that is most likely to land you in Minnesota? Does St. Paul rank high on your list of probable places of residence? Would you like to know which St. Paul neighborhoods make the cut and those you must never consider? Congratulations because you’ve landed yourself on the right page! 

Here is everything that you need to know about St. Paul:

Saint Paul is one part of Minnesota’s twin cities, and it is one of the hippest places to be! It is friendly and has a great vibe for families with very young children, college-goers, and seniors. Thanks to many university graduates choosing St. Paul neighborhoods to call their homes, the place has the right mix of talent and energy. 

St. Paul also boasts of top industries and a very high employment rate. For those that work hard but party harder, there are world-class coffee shops, baristas, and pubs. From their Juicy Lucy burgers dripping with cheese to having their award-winning beers, there is so much in store for you.

Before we go on to the list, here is a list of the criteria we took into consideration while rating St. Paul neighborhoods:

– Income falling into the higher brackets

– Low levels of employment rate

– Lesser crime as per interpolated data

– High price for housing

– Standard density of the population is not too high and not too low.

– Activities in and around the neighborhood, including academic and fun activities

Apart from all of the above, there are other criteria like the political condition, the weather, the standard of living, and the culture of the place that need to be considered. With time and research, you will surely be able to point the finger at the neighborhood you want to spend your time in. Of course, we are here to guide you too! 

Now without further ado, let us get down to telling you which are the best neighborhoods in St. Paul. 

Como Park:

Como Park in St. Paul is a famous spot. The neighborhood around the park and Lake Como is Snelling Avenue, which has many apartments that are the right size for smaller families or professionals. For slightly bigger families, there are also family homes in the neighborhood. 

If you have school-going kids, you will love the Twin Cities German Immersion K 8 School that is only a walkable distance from your home and with scores of fun activities, including the Como Zoo, your kids, and you are going to have 52 weekends of fun in a year! There is also the State Minnesota Fair that everyone looks forward to in August to chill and let their hair down. 

The prices of homes are reasonable; well within the median home value of about $200-500.  But remember you may have to call in local estate agents’ services who will be able to bargain and get you the best value home for your money. 

Dayton’s Bluff

Dayton’s Bluff lies directly east of downtown in St. Paul. It is said that this neighborhood was originally earmarked for lumber. However, this plan never came to passé. A lot of people have made this neighborhood their home. The place is steeped in a lot of history, especially from the time when Native Americans populated it. 

There is a lot to experience in terms of postwar structures and grand old homes from that era. Since this neighborhood is very close to the river Mississippi, it is a photographer’s heaven. Some of the best educational institutions in this area include the much-acclaimed Twin Cities Academy Middle School here.

The prices of houses can be diverse, and like always, we’d recommend that you engage a real estate agent to help you with the negotiations. 

The Battle Creek

Do you want to live in a St. Paul neighborhood that has a character and a history? Battle Creek may just be the right place for you. Battle Creek has rail yards and factories, and even a water treatment plant. 

The housing here is affordable, with most of the area populated with families and working professionals. There are some very good public schools in the area and some great housing properties that lie on the back of the river. 


On the western side, St. Paul has the Hamline-Midway neighborhood that has the world-famous Hamline University. The place is naturally teeming with students. There are many small and mid-size family homes, including apartments that specifically cater to the learning community, including the students, teachers, and staff. The activities in and around are well connected. Hamline has the Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion K-8 School that is a favorite with the people here for families with school-going children.

Highland Park

Highland Park in the southwest corner of St. Paul may feel like a suburb but what makes this place worthy of your choice is the commercial district that is only minutes away. You can choose single-family homes or small apartments. There are also some Victorian homes. There are wooded parks, lots of stores and eateries too. The crime rate is the lowest in this neighborhood. Schools, including the Highland Senior High School, make it a good place for young parents.


The best way to find the right St. Paul neighborhood is to keenly look at data, read up on things you are to do, and check it out yourself before making the best decision. This way, you will never go wrong. St Paul, the capital of Minnesota, has some of the best educational institutions and industries. It is one of the places you will never regret moving into.

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