Why Having A Full-Service Moving Company Is Awesome

Why Having A Full-Service Moving Company Is Awesome

Imagine packing for an overseas trip for a week or more. If you have been in that situation, you are aware of the stress and anxiety packing for a few days can bring on. Now imagine you need to pack it all without leaving anything behind. It may sound possible; because it is, but do you have the expertise? Do you want to take it all up and make moving day a stressful day?

Hiring a professional to do this can reduce your stress levels to such a great extent that moving day can be fun and the emotional roller coaster it ought to be when you leave a place with just memories to hold on to.

Hire A Full-Service Company

While you are scouting for professional movers to help you pack up your house and move to a new place, consider a full service moving company. Yes, they can be expensive when you look at all the basic things you can do yourself. However, there is a sea of advantages to this decision.

Here are a few of them:

Professional Experience

When you hire a full-service moving company, they have knowledge and experience in all facets of moving. Be it your house or office; they know what has to be done when. This ensures a smooth flow in the entire event of moving, thus making it easier and stress-free for all.

Variety Of Services

A full-service moving company will have a variety of services to choose from. You can opt to pack yourself or even get their help. This removes the need to go to different companies for different services.

They can pack, unpack, transport in different vehicles, get permissions, move papers, etc. Check out the various services offered and pick one that can benefit you and fits within your budget.

Contact / In-Charge

When a moving company signs a deal with you to move your belongings, they put one of their persons in charge. This person will be your one-point contact when it comes to all details regarding the move. This person will give you timely updates regarding the move and handle queries and last-minute changes, if any.

When you don’t have to coordinate the entire move and can be a happy bystander getting updates as and when needed, your stress level drops drastically.

Packing And Unpacking

A full-service moving company will have experienced people pack up everything in your house in an efficient manner. The more the number of boxes you have, the more space you will require. This might lead to multiple trips, costing you more than anticipated. A professional mover will be able to pack your belongings so that it utilizes the space to the maximum extent, thus saving you trips and money.

When they reach the destination, they can also help you unpack based on your instructions and guidance. This makes it easier for you to settle into the new place when running short on time. This is very handy when moving offices as there is a designated space for everything and one just needs to unload all packed items. Office work can resume at the earliest.

Packing Materials

When you have to pack breakable items like glass, gadgets, delicate art and craft, etc., the packaging materials required will differ from your regular boxes. A full-service moving company will have access to all this and will be able to provide you with your requirements in no time.

They will also provide you with different sizes of boxes, tapes, scissors, blades, stuffing for boxes, etc. You won’t have to step a foot outside looking for packing-related items.


When you are moving across borders or are moving delicate items that require permission, a lot of paperwork will be involved. A full-service company will have contacts and the expertise to do this with ease. They can get you the required documents to peruse and sign; they can get the various permits required for the move and get all clearance.

Not having your papers in order can result in some serious issues when you move. They will have a team dedicated to this task which makes everything flow smoother.


When you employ or hire different companies for different aspects of the move, the overall cost can be very high. Everyone will have a minimum margin, and you will be covering each of them.

A full-service company covers all moving-related concerns under one roof. This enables them to offer their services at competitive prices.


Hiring a full service moving company can be awesome in many ways, as mentioned above compared to hiring professionals for just a part of the moving process. When you get everything covered in one deal, it makes the entire thing even easier on you.

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