Safest Neighborhoods in Minneapolis  (2021 Updated)

Safest Neighborhoods in Minneapolis (2021 Updated)

Are you considering living in Minneapolis? Why not? It is, after all, one of the best big cities in the USA to live in. It has affordable housing, a thriving job market, and great entertainment options. However, are all these enough to choose a place to live in? Most people, when asked, put safety right at the top of the features they look for in any neighborhood. Minneapolis is a growing city with almost 80 residential neighborhoods. 

How safe is Minneapolis? 

When looking for a residential area, people often consider safety as an essential factor. Is Minneapolis safe? Overall, this is a safe city, but like most other cities, what are the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis? This can be calculated based on the total crimes committed per 100000 people. The crimes include violent and property crimes. Based on this data and people’s preferences, it is possible to list the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. 

1. Linden Hills

Crime Rate: it is safer than 99% of Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Linden Hills is perfect for young professionals, singles, small families, and retirees. It frequently tops the best and safest places lists thanks to its low crime rates and small-town vibe. Availability of open green spaces and various dining and shopping options apart from the eclectic residential areas make it a very attractive option. Its nearness to Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska allows the residents many avenues for outdoor activities. The Linden Hills Recreation Center is a great place to spend time playing ball with your kids or friends. Restaurants like Zumbro Café and Martina can satisfy any food cravings that you may have. The library and the Bakken Museum are big attractions for the locals and tourists alike. 

2. Cooper

Crime Rate: it is safer than 83% of Minneapolis neighborhoods

This is a quiet, residential community located just 15 minutes outside of central Minneapolis. Young couples, singles, professionals, retirees, and others prefer this locality because of its many attractions. The homes here are not exorbitantly priced, and affordability is one of the prime factors apart from safety, which brings people here. The Mississippi River provides the perfect backdrop for any outdoor excursions. The Longfellow Park and the Brackett Field Park are popular with people of all ages. Food lovers will love the mouth-watering varieties of food ranging from taco salad and veggie burgers to croissants and blueberry scones. There is the Merlins Rest Pub for whiskey connoisseurs, which holds whiskey tasting every first Thursday, starting from October through to June. Hi-Lo diner, Turtle Bread, and Dogwood Coffee Bar are just some of the options to choose from. 

3. Hale

Crime Rate: it is safer than 94% of Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Hale is the perfect place to raise kids or to retire because it offers multiple amenities. This is a locality that is family-friendly and very safe. There are excellent schools for the kids here, and the residential architecture ranges from cottage to craftsman style. Just 20 minutes away from the city center, Hale offers excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Lake Nokomis Park is perfect for people with an adventurous spirit and offers water sports such as kayaking. If you are into healthy eating, the Nokomis Farmers Market has the best locally grown vegetables, fruits, and other produce. Locals and tourists alike love going to Minnehaha Regional Park to enjoy the 53-foot-tall waterfall. Happy hour at the Town Hall Tap could be a great place to spend a relaxed evening with friends. 

4. Waite Park

Crime Rate: it is safer than 96% of Minneapolis neighborhoods. 

One of the best and safest neighborhoods, Waite Park, is in northeast Minneapolis. First-time homebuyers flock to this locality because of the affordable prices. You can find singles, families, young professionals all coming to this area because there is a feeling of being away from the crowd yet having plenty of things to do. The Waite Park Recreation Center is ideal for people to spend time in the gym, enjoy the community kitchen, or play baseball. Several fine restaurants offer eclectic cuisine from around the world. An old historic theatre plays old classics, and movie buffs will enjoy the ambiance. This is a great neighborhood for kids to grow in and for older people to spend their time in quietly. 

5. St. Anthony West

Crime Rate: it is safer than 82% of Minneapolis neighborhoods. 

This locality is tucked along the river and lies in northeast Minneapolis. It is among the top destinations for college students and young professionals. This is quite a safe area. The combination of affordable housing and proximity to central Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota makes it very attractive. Moreover, there are many community events here apart from the multiple dining and nightlife options that keep St. Anthony West right at the top of the wish list of many young people. There are many bike trails along the riverfront, and for more fun activities, there is bowling and tennis. Local boutiques offer some great gift options in jewelry, home goods, clothes, etc. This neighborhood has everything that young people would want. 


For most people planning to relocate or looking to settle down, safety is an important issue. It is true that only with peace of mind can one enjoy the surroundings. Minneapolis has some great neighborhoods, and they all offer wonderful options. Most of them are safe, but the areas listed here are probably the safest. 

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